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Research Resources

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/* Pregnancy Resources */
* WikiGender:
* Gender Index:
* Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Index:
* National Sexual Rights Law and Policy Database:
* Global Gender Gap Report, 2017:
* Gender Data Portal:
* Global Health Data Exchange:
* Equaldex:
* Queer in the World:
* Women's Rights, Country by Country:
* Women Living Under Muslim Laws:
* Fragile State Index:
* Family Planning 2020:
* Age of Consent Database:
* Average Age of Marriage, Country by Country:
* Global Fertility Rates by Country:
* United Nations Country Profiles:
* CIA World Factbook:
* International SOS World Health Risk Map:
* Euro Health Consumer Index (2015):
* Check Which Countries Have Signed & Ratified CEDAW:
==International Organizations Focused on Sexual & Reproductive Health Care and Rights (SRHR) & Women's Empowerment==
* 28 Too Many: -> focuses on FGM/female genital cutting
* Action for Global Health:
* African Women's Development Fund:
* Central American Women's Network:
* Consorcio Latinoamericano Contra el Aborto Inseguro:
* Daughters of Eve:
* Doctors without Borders:
* DKT International:
* Every Mother Counts:
* Female Condom Market Intelligence:
* FGM National Clinical Group:
* Forward:
* Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation:
* Global Doctors for Choice:
* Global Fund for Women:
* Global Grassroots:
* Global Network of Sex Works Projects:
* Guttmacher Institute:
* HowTo Use:
* Rodilnitza:
* safe2choose:
* Sex Rrights Rights Africa Network:
* Sexual Rights Initiative:
* Sex Worker Rights Advocacy Network:
* HIV Travel:
* Global Criminalisation Scan (criminalisation of HIV transmission):
* Barring The Way To Health - (tracks legal and regulatory barriers which impede the HIV care continuum in Europe)
* People Living with HIV Global Stigma Index:
* HIV Around the World:
* Where to Find DivaCup (menstrual cup) -
* Where to Buy/Order MoonCup (menstrual cup) -
* Where to Buy RubyCup:
* Where to Buy LadyCup (menstrual cup) -
* Where to Buy Lunette (menstrual cup) -
==Pregnancy Resources==
* Travel During Pregnancy:
* 10 Best Countries for Maternity Care:
* Map of Best & Worst Countries to be a Mother:
* Maternity & Paternity at Work: Law & Practices Around the World:
* Disability & Maternity Leave in US:
* UNFPA - Maternal, Newborn and Child Health:
* International Planned Parenthood Foundation - Maternal Health:
* Doctors without Borders - Maternal and Child Health:
* WHO Maternal Health:
* WHO Maternity Death Rates:
* CIA World Factbook, Maternal Mortality Rate:
* Maternal Mortality (WHO):
* Averting Maternal Death and Disability (AMDD):
* Adolescent Pregnancy (WHO):
* Fistula Foundation:
* Preeclampsia Foundation:
* Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM) Foundation:
* Every Mother Counts:
* Family Care International:
* Feminist Abortion Network (list of clinics in USA) -
* Rewire State of Abortion:
* Expose Fake Clinics:
* Medicaid Abortion Coverage by U.S. State:
* U.S. State Funding of Abortion under Medicaid: and
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