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  • To say birth control, you can either say/write تنظيم النسل (in Arabic) or "contrôle des naissances" (in French).
  • For a list of contraceptive options available in Morocco, click here.
  • In Moroccan cities, the neighborhood health clinics provide family planning services. However, at these clinics, there is often an expectation that, if you're being helped, you should be married. Clinic staff may not explicitly ask for marriage certificates, but they typically already know who is married and who is unmarried due to their neighborhood involvement. To avoid judgment and stigma, many unmarried Moroccan women choose to visit NGOs over neighborhood clinics for family planning services.
  • You can purchase birth control pills in pharmacies. Some brands you can expect to see are Diane, Diane-35, Gynovlar, Jasmine, Mercilon, Microval, Minulet, Neogynon, Stediril, Microgynon, Microgynon-30, Minidril and Yasmin, among others.
  • You can purchase condoms in pharmacies or online. For example, you can buy Moods condoms here, which are being sold for MAD 271.98 for 10 boxes.
  • The contraceptive ring (Nuvaring) is available in Morocco. The company that commercialized it in Morocco is Cooper Pharma. Back in 2011, it was considered quite rare and a novelty, but it's beginning to become more mainstream. You can find it sold for 139 MAD. Click here for more details.
  • If you want the contraceptive shot/injectable, Depo-Provera SAS 150mg/ml and Megestron are available in Morocco.[1]
  • If you want an IUD, Mirena is available in Morocco.[2]
  • For planned parenthood, (prescription/ shot or implant of hormonal contraceptives. + IUDs) there's the AMPF (Association Marocaine de Planning Familial). The fees are affordable (2 consultations: around 120dh, and the procedure and the device are free).