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{| class="wikitable" style="width:200px; border:1px solid black;float:right"
[[File:View-empire-1000246 960 720.jpg|300px | thumb|right|alt=Image provided by Creative Commons.|]]
|colspan="8" style="text-align:center"|[[File:View-empire-1000246 960 720.jpg|300px | thumb|right|]]
| '''Contraception: Over-the-Counter'''
| condoms, pills, patch, ring
| '''Contraception: Prescription/Clinic Required'''
| IUD, implant, shot
| '''Emergency Contraception'''
| no prescription required; widely available in pharmacies
| '''STIs'''
| no travel restrictions; HIV-positive foreigners not deported
| '''Menstrual Products'''
| pads, tampons, cups
| '''Abortion Law'''
| legally available on request
| '''LGBTQ Laws'''
| homosexuality legal; gender change legal
| '''Related Pages'''
| [[United States of America]]

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