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As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has many women's health resources. Contraceptives, including emergency contraceptives, are legal and do not require a prescription. There are a plethora of pharmacies throughout the city though you may struggle to find certain international brands. Since the 1960s, the North Vietnamese government has advocated family planning -- and, after reunification in 1975, family planning policies extended throughout the country. There is a 2-child policy that has remained in place for decades, although this policy seems to be on its way out (Note: It may have been removed in 2015... waiting for confirmation). Nowadays in Vietnam, you can get STI tests at many hospitals and clinics. However, if you're a foreigner or don't speak Vietnamese, it's recommended that you visit an international facility (list of such facilities below). You can find both pads and tampons, typically without applicators (like OB), at many markets and stores. Furthermore, abortion is fully legal for up to 22 weeks of pregnancy, and there are no known restrictions related to age or reasons. Due to its high prevalence, Vietnam has been called the "abortion capital" of Asia, a title that has also been given to China. You will find that both surgical and medical abortion options are available, and there are many resources, including international organizations like Marie Stopes, that can help you identify the appropriate services. To receive a more generalized and comprehensive view of health care in Vietnam, we recommend that you visit the Vietnam country page.