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  • For a list of contraceptive options available in France, click here.
  • If you don't yet have a prescription for birth control, it can be easily obtained by visiting an ob/gyn, a primary care physician or a midwife. If you have a foreign prescription, you should bring your prescription and an empty packet, if possible, to a pharmacist for refill. You can say, “Pourriez-vous me dépanner avant que j’obtienne une nouvelle ordonnance?” They may sell you a 1-3 month supply, especially if you promise to go to a doctor or a midwife soon.
  • In France, you can find many types of birth control pills, including phasic pills, progestagen-only and combined pills. The brands available come from many countries, including France, Germany, USA, UK and Chile. Some brands you can find are Adépal, Cerazette, Cilest, Cycleane 30, Cycleane-20, Diane, Diane-35, Effiprev, Exluton, Harmonet, Jasmine, Jasminelle, Jasminellecontinu, Levonorgestrel, Ludeal Gé, Meliane, Melodia, Mercilon, Microval, Milli-Anovlar, Milligynon, Minesse, Minidril, Miniphase, Minulet, Moneva, Nordette, Ogyline, Ortho Novum 1/35, Phaeva, Planor, Qlaira, Tetragynon, Tri-Minulet, Triella, Trinordiol, Trinordiol 21, Varnoline, Yasmine and Yaz.
  • You can get the contraceptive implant. The only one in the market is Nexplanon.
  • You can get the contraceptive injectable/shot, including Depo-Prodasone, Depo-Provera SAS 150mg/ml and Noristerat.
  • You can get an IUD. You can have copper IUD or hormonal IUD (Mirena or Jaydess).