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I walked up to the 2nd floor where I told the woman behind the desk I wanted an abortion. She took my passport and I sat and waited as she filled out my information. When she was finished, she called me to collect my papers and sent me upstairs to the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor, I walked to the desk on the far right and handed the woman my papers. She asked me how far along I was and I told her I thought around 8 weeks. After about 2 minutes they called me into the ultrasound room where a woman took a quick picture and sent me on my way (she spoke the least English of everyone I interacted with). She didn’t tell me how far along I was and didn’t show me the screen but some curious part of me tried to peek unsuccessfully. I handed my papers to the lady at the desk again and she told me I had to pay 400 baht for the ultrasound (I’m not sure if any of the Thai women paid this fee).