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Hello! Welcome on Rennes's page, which shall talk about Gynecology in Rennes's region.

Professionnals[edit | edit source]

Gynecologists[edit | edit source]

Laurence Boyer is a pretty cool gynecologist. Adress: 66 rue de Lorient. Telephone: 02 99 65 06 44. Tariffs: sector 1.

Midwives[edit | edit source]

Home births[edit | edit source]

Let's say their locations not to say their names

  • Chateaubriant

Psychologists[edit | edit source]

Céline Musielak is a TCC-psychologist really open to sexual violences. Adress: 1 square Marcel Bozzuffi. Telephone: 06 48 14 86 20. Tariff: 65 euro. 60 euro for students or poor.