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Rio de Janeiro

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/* What to Get & Where to Get It */
Regarding HPV, Brazil has had a national vaccination program in place since 2014, which targets 9 year olds for immunization. If you would like to receive the HPV vaccine and you do not fall under the Brazilian national program, contact your local hospital for more info.
For HIV treatment, there is a network of over 300 treatment centers in Brazil. Check out this [ list].
Regarding PrEP: "Brazil hosted three sites in the phase III iPrEx trial, and the open label extension of iPrEx. Brazil has an ongoing PrEP demonstration project in MSM and transgender women, PrEPBrasil. A second demonstration project is scheduled to start by mid-2015 and will enroll MSM, commercial sex workers and drug users. Gilead submitted an application for Truvada as PrEP to Brazil’s regulatory authority in 2014. There is no national PrEP policy or guidance at present. However, the ongoing demonstration project may be used to inform such policy."<ref>[ PrEPWatch: Brazil]</ref>
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