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* You can find '''pads/pantyliners''' in supermarkets, health stores and pharmacies.
* You can find '''tampons''' in supermarkets, health stores and pharmacies.
* You can find a variety of '''menstrual cups''' in Norway, either in physical stores or online. You can buy RubyCup at Chillout Travel Centre in Oslo (Address: Markveien 55, 0554 Oslo. Tel: 22 35 42 00; Email:, Chillout Travel Centre in Bergen (Address: Torggaten 11, 5014 Bergen; Tel: 55 23 30 00; email: post@chillout.noor) or Jordnært (Address: Storgata 61, 2609 Lillehammer, Norway; email: You can find Organicup sold at Mølleren Sylvia (Address: Hegdehaugsveien 14B, Oslo, Norway). You can find online retailers of LadyCup that cater to Norwegian customers, such as [ LadyCup Norway], [] and [ Komplett Apotek]. Menstrual cups are also available to order from [ Menskopp]. They offer free shipping worldwide.  ===Before buying a menstrual cup===There Menstrual cups are over 200 menstrual cup brands in the world. Knowing which one to buy can be difficult. also available for comparison at [ menstrualcupse/databas minmenskopp.ecose database] offers a free online menstrual cup finder service. PUSSYFIGURATOR, as their online tool is called, helps you find your perfect menstrual cup match based on 10 menstruation/lifestyle questions. You simply take their quiz, submit your answers, and get your results. You can then compare, read reviews and learn more about each individual The database contains over 150 different menstrual cupcups.
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