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* For oral contraceptives (birth control pills), the easiest option is to visit a pharmacy.<ref name="condiscon_honduras">[ Contraceptive Discontinuation among Honduran Women Who Use Reversible Methods]</ref> The pills are sold over-the-counter.
* You can purchase and obtain contraceptive injectables at pharmacies.
* Some forms of contraception, such as IUDs, may require that you visit a hospital or clinic. There are public or private options.
* [ The Honduran Associacion for Family Planning (ASHONPLAFA)]: They're a local affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Association, and they're one of the main suppliers of contraceptives to people in Honduras. You can find 24-hour service at the Alameda clinics in Tegucigalpa, Santa Rosa de Copán, Swiss Hospital in La Ceiba and at their Firenze clinic in San Pedro Sula, though their pharmacies may not be open 24 hours. You can contact a local clinic for details or visit them directly. Address: Ashonplafa Main Office Telephone: (504) 2232-3959, 2239-9695; Fax. 2232-5140 Address: Col. Alameda, Avenida principal, Tegucigalpa, MDC, Honduras; Email:
* When we talked Public hospitals and clinics will generally be more affordable than private facilities.* If you go to one a private clinic ([ Dra. Amabilis Fuentes] (Call +504 9957, you can expect to pay around 1000-5468), we were quoted the following price 1500 HNL for an IUD: 1000lps insertion (based on conversations with 2 separate clinics in July 2019).
==Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill)==
* The public clinics will be much more affordable than the private clinics.* The private clinics will be more expensive than public facilities. When we talked to one two private clinic clinics: ([ Dra. Amabilis Fuentes] (Call +504 9957-5468), we were which quoted the following price 700 HNL for a consultation, including a gynecological exam(July 2019) and [https: 700 lps // Dr. Maria Medina @ GineSthetic], which quoted 800 HNL for a gynecological exam (July 2019).
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