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/* What to Get & Where to Get It */
To say "STD Test" in Turkish, simply say "STD Test" (it's the same as English). It seems that many hospitals can give tests for HIV, Hep B, Hep C and syphilis. However, it is much more difficult to also get tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc. One way to get a free HIV, Hep B, Hep C and syphilis test is to donate blood to Kizilay ( because they test the blood and then get back to you. In July 2016, Şişli municipality launched a free and anonymous health service for the LGBT community, focusing on the prevention of STDs. Every 3 months, patients can receive a free STD test and examination. Patients can register with a nickname if they wish.
Testimonial: "For all STD, after morning pills and infections, I believe the Austrian Hospital rocks! I am not sure about the abortion since it is not legal here. The prices are affordable (max 90-100 tl for a check up and you have a second one within 10 days, free of charge, called 'control visit'). Moreover, it is half shared cost with SGK (national insurance) if you have it."
Here's a list of some clinics that do STD testing in Turkey:
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