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===What to Get & Where to Get It===
It seems that Yasmin* For a complete list of contraceptive options available in the UAE, Microval, Neogynonclick [ here].* There are over 20 '''birth control pill''' brands registered in the UAE, Logynon, Microgynonall of which come from major pharmaceutical companies like Janssen-30Cilag, Cerazette (the mini-pill) Merck, Pfizer and Nordette are common oral contraceptives in DubaiBayer. You can check out the options It's common for locals to buy birth control pills at Boots, one of the largest pharmacies pharmacy chains in Dubai, which can often be often found in malls. Some of the birth control brands you can expect to see are Cerazette,<ref>[Information provided by Dubai local]</ref> Cilest, Diane, Diane-35, Exluton, Femulen, Gynera, Loestrin 20, Loestrin 30, Logynon, Marvelon, Microgynon, Microgynon-30, Micronor, Microval, Minulet, Nordette, Ortho Novum 1/50, Ovulen 50, Ovysmen, Trinordiol, Trinordiol 21, Trinovum, Yaz and Yasmin.<ref>[ IPPF UAE]</ref>* If you want an '''IUD''', you can find Mirena in the UAE.<ref>[ IPPF UAE]</ref>* If you want a '''contraceptive shot/injectable''', you can find Depo-Provera SAS 150mg/ml in the UAE.<ref>[ IPPF UAE]</ref>* We're not sure if any contraceptive patches or contraceptive implants are registered or available in the UAE. If you know of any, please add the info to this page.