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/* What to Get & Where to Get It */
===What to Get & Where to Get It===
* In Rwanda, you can find '''condoms''' distributed in boutiques, pharmacies, kiosks, bars, health facilities, outreach centers (like community-based distributors) and online stores. The condoms provided in the public sector tend to be generic, non-brand condoms. If you go to the social-marketing centers, you may get condoms that are under the name "Prudence Plus." Overall, Rwanda doesn't have a high level of diversity in the condom sector yet, and only a few main brands are for sale. They tend to be most readily available in urban boutiques, but stock-outs can be an issue experienced by all vendors and facilities at times.<ref>[ Rwanda National Policy on Condoms]</ref> If you want to purchase condoms online, you can find Moods and Kama X condoms sold on the [ Kasha website] for 1000 RWF per pack, as of February 2018.* You should be able to find '''oral contraceptives (birth control pills) ''' sold in pharmacies and onlineretailers, like [ Kasha]. Some of the brands you can expect to see are Diane-35, Microgynon, Microlut, NorLevoNeogynon, Lo-Femenal and Ovrette.<ref>[ Princeton EC Website]</ref> * You can find '''intra-urine devices (IUDs)''' in Rwanda. On the [ Kasha website], you can purchase the SMB copper IUD for 14,000 RWF or the Mirena IUD for 90,000 RWF, as of February 2018.* You can find '''contraceptive shots/injectables''' in Rwanda. On the [ Kasha website], you can purchase a 3-months supply of Depo-Provera for 700 RWF, or you can purchase Norigynon injectables for 1000 RWF (1-month supply) or 2000 RWF (2-month supply), as of February 2018.* You can find '''contraceptive implants''' in Rwanda. On the [ Kasha website], you can purchase the Implanon implant, which lasts 3 years, for 5000 RWF, or you can you can purchase the Jadelle implant, which lasts 5 years, for 5000 RWF, as of February 2018.
===Resources & Organizations===
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