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  • You can get STI/STD tests from most doctors, family planning clinics, or sexual healths clinics in Australia. Check out the city pages, such as Melbourne and Sydney pages, for specific recommendations.
  • HIV self-administered test kits (home HIV test kits) are not sold in individual pharmacies although the kit was actually introduced in Australia in 2014 following the government lifting restrictions of self-testing, direct to consumer kits. But these kits have not yet been approved by the TgA (The Therapeutic Goods Administration which falls under the Department of Health in Australia). Hence, because they have not yet been regulated or approved by the TGA they are currently not legally allowed to be sold or exported. When it comes HIV testing in Australia, the choice is between Rapid HIV testing, which has TGA approval, but is limited to clinical situations and must be carried out by appropriately trained workers and laboratory based tests, which involve a medical blood draw and laboratory analysis of the sample.
  • Check Your Risk - This is NOT a replacement for an STI/STD test. But it is a resource, based out of Australia, that helps you assess your risk
  • There are companies, for example INSTI®, that provide rapid HIV screening testing kits online anywhere in Australia but, in the case of INSTI® the company is Canadian and based in Canada. Positive HIV screening results will require further testing by a laboratory/clinic which can actually diagnose the disease.