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In Thailand, you can buy birth control without a prescription. According to the World Health Organization, 79.6% of women from 15 to 49 were using birth control in 2014 [1]. A more detailed 2009 study found that 35% of women were using the pill, 14% were using an injectable method, 0.8% were using IUDs, 2.3% were using condoms, and 23.7% were undergoing sterilization [2]. In the early 1990s, the government heavily campaigned for sex workers to use condoms under the 100% Condom Program. The campaign enjoyed tremendous success at first, however, fallout from the Asian economic crisis of 1997 led to budget cuts that caused funds to be earmarked for treatment rather than prevention. There are calls for government funds to be directed once more to comprehensive prevention plans to combat rising infection rates[3].

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