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Contraceptive Options

  • You can buy condoms ("preservativos" in Spanish) at pharmacies and supermarkets for $10-30 ARS, but generally around 15 ARS, for a three-pack, or up to $67 ARS for a 12-pack.
  • If you would like to get birth control pills ("pastillas anticonceptivas" in Spanish), they can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription for about 3$0-120 ARS. Farmacity is a popular pharmacy chain. Some brands you can expect to see are Ovrette, Marvelon, Microlut, Microval, Diane-35, Duoluton, Eugynon, Neogynon, Nordiol, Ovral, Microgynon, Microvlar, Nordette, Miranova and others. To see which pills are available in Argentina, check out IPFF Argentina, Alfabeta, Kairos. Please note that Argentina has strict importation laws, so be careful to NOT bring in any birth control pills that aren't permitted in Argentina.
  • If you're interested in the contraceptive ring (like Nuvaring), you can get it at Farmacity for $240 ARS.
  • If you want an IUD, you can get the IUD insertion at a hospital or health center. While you can get it done at a public hospital, you'll find that only non-hormonal IUDs are available. They last for 10 years. If you want the hormonal IUDs, which last for 5 years, you'll need to go to a private hospital. For Mirena, it's about $1700 ARS. The copper IUD (not industria argentina) costs around $500-700 ARS.
  • If you want a contraceptive control shot/injectable ("inyección" in Spanish), it can be purchased at public and private health care facilities. If you have a prescription, you can also get it directly from the pharmacy.[1] You may be able to find brands like Cyclofem, Cyclofemina, Dahlia, Depo-Provera, Mesigyna and Perlutal in Argentina. You can probably get the injections for free at public hospitals and health centers, like Hospital General de Agudos A. Zubizarreta or Hospital General de Agudos B. Rivadavia. If you would like to get it at Farmacity, you can get it for around $30 ARS or 40 ARS. Since some pharmacies in Buenos Aires don't carry the shot, you should confirm a stable place to get an injection before you commit to shots.
  • If you want the contraceptive implant ("implante" or "anticonceptivo subcutáneo" in Spanish), this has been available in Argentina since 2012. However, they are not commonly used, so you may need to go to a specialized provider to obtain the insertion procedure.
  • If you're interested in the contraceptive patch ("parche" in Spanish), you can get it a pharmacies, like Farmacity. It's not covered by the public health system, so expect to pay around $150-$200. In 2016, Farmacity quoted the price as $168 ARS.[2]