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For many years, Argentine abortion laws only permitted abortion in cases when the woman's life was endangered. In March 2012, the provisions were expanded after a landmark case, in which the Supreme Court allowed a 15-year old who was raped by stepfather to obtain an abortion. As a result, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion in cases of rape should not be criminalized, and they ruled that a sworn affidavit confirming the rape would be enough to allow the abortion.[1] There has not been a formal discussion of revision of abortion laws in Argentine political life. However, it appears that public opinion is gradually changing. In 2003, a poll found that 30% of Argentines thought abortion should be permitted "regardless of situation," 47% thought it should be permitted "under certain circumstances" and 23% thought that abortion should never be permitted. Later, in September 2011, the same poll showed that 45% of Argentines thought abortion should be permitted for any reason.[2]