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  • AIDS-Hilfe Hamburg e.V. - HIV/AIDS information in Hamburg, providing counseling and assistance finding help for people with HIV.
  • AIDS Aufklärung - Provides anonymous counseling by telephone or e-mail, HIV testing and information about prevention, transmission and living with HIV.
  • AIDS Finder - Searchable German-language database of AIDS information and organizations.
  • Aktionsbündnis Gegen AIDS - Provides advocacy, organizes fundraisers and publishes a newsletter related to HIV policy.
  • All Around Aids e.V. - Support organization for people with HIV, providing information and forums on HIV.
  • Berliner Aids-Hilfe e.V. - Provides many services to people with HIV, such as counseling and emotional support and activities for people hospitalized with HIV/AIDS-related illnesses.
  • Deutsche AIDS-Gesellschaft e.V. (DAIG) - Provides research and advocacy.
  • Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. - Extensive information regarding HIV.
  • Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung - Provides emergency financial help to HIV-positive individuals, but does not offer on-going financial support. Also funds a variety of HIV projects in Germany and internationally.
  • Gesundheits-Amt Dortmund AIDS Team - Provides HIV education, clinical services and support in Dortmund.
  • Gib AIDS keine Chance - Provides information on HIV and its transmission, telephone and e-mail counseling, answers to FAQs about HIV and a comprehensive list of AIDS organizations across Germany.
  • HIV Net - Extensive information on HIV treatment, with a section devoted to the latest developments
  • Kinder-AIDS-Hilfe Deutschland - Helps children affected by HIV/AIDS, providing a clinic for treatment, and many social programs.
  • Projekt Information - Site containing information on HIV/AIDS, including translations of recent medical publications and coverage of HIV/AIDS conferences.
  • Staying Alive- An international campaign which promotes HIV prevention and encourages people to fight HIV-related discrimination.
  • Telefonberatung der Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung - AIDS and STD Hotline run by German government's health information center, also provides some information online regarding HIV.