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You can easily find pads and OB tampons. Tampons with applicators can be found in select shops but it's much more difficult. For DivaCup, visit the Berlin location of Globetrotter (Schloßstraße 78-82, 12165 Berlin, Phone: 030/85 08 92 0, Website: You can also buy online on German websites like Biogarten (, MEDintim (, Washbaer (, etc. The Mooncup is sold in Berlin the following locations: Lifelines (Bundesallee 117, 12161 Berlin,, Telephone: +49 30 85401548), Lebensfluss (Boxhagener Straße 13,10245 Berlin Phone: 030-60982382, and Vielfalter (Brunnenstraße 147, 10115 Berlin Phone: 1787 610663). You can also get the Mooncup in at least drug stores. Recently, most drug stores (at least the bigger chains such as DM, Rossmann or Müller) sell menstrual cups in different sizes, too (e.g. Merula, Selena Cup, Me Luna).