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  • For a comprehensive list of contraceptive (birth control) options in Kenya, click here.
  • In Kenya, you can find over 10 brands of birth control pills, including combined and phasic pills. Some of the brands you can expect to see are Diane, Logynon, Marvelon, Mercilon, Microgynon, Microgynon-30, Microlut, Microval, Nordette and Trinordiol.[1]
  • If you want an IUD, you can find Mirena in Kenya.[2]
  • If you want a contraceptive injectable/shot, you can find Depo-Provera, Megestron, Norigynon and Noristerat in Kenya.[3]
  • If you want a contraceptive implant, you can find Implanon, Jadelle and Norplant in Kenya.[4]
  • If you go to Marie Stopes Kenya, you can find condoms, birth control pills, injectables, implants, IUDs, tubal litigation services and vasectomy services. Marie Stopes is an international NGO that provides low-cost and accessible health care to women in many parts of the world. Toll Free Phone Number: 0800 720005. Email: