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  • Click here to learn about LGBTQ rights and laws in Kenya. It is important to note that homosexuality is illegal in Kenya, as of May 2018.
  • African Women Link: PO Box 50795, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • African Women's Communication And Development Network: P.O. Box 54562, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: 254-2-440299, Fax: 254-2-443868
  • Binti Legacy, Loita House (feminist bookstore): Loita Street, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: +, Fax: +
  • Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW): Ngong Road, near Adams Arcade, P O Box 7631, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: 254-2-574357/8, Fax: 254-2-574253, Email:
  • Council For Economic Empowerment Of Women In Africa: P.O. Box 42542, Nairobi, Kenya, (254-2) 226742, (254-2) 340367
  • East Africa Women's League (EAWL): P.O.Box: 40308, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Education Centre for Women in Democracy: P.O. Box 62714 , Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: +254 2 562 304 or +254 2 570 386, Fax: +254 2 561 316, E-mail: