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Over the last decade, Kenyan women have increasingly used contraception. In 2003, it was estimated that 39.3% of Kenyan women were using some form of contraceptive, with 7.5% on hormonal birth control pills, 16% using injectables/implants and 6.3% using the rhythm method, among other methods.[1] Later, in 2008, it was found that 53.6% of Kenyan women used some form of modern birth control.[2] Most recently, in 2015, it was found that 57.4% of Kenyan women (who were married/in unions and of reproductive age) were using some form of contraception, including traditional methods, and 18.5% had unmet family planning needs. The most common forms of contraception were injectables (28.1%), implants (10.8%), pills (8.6%) and IUDs (3.5%). There were low rates of condom usage (1.9%).[3]