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  • Pads are available at convenience stores, often sold in “bulky” sizes.
  • Tampons with and without applicators are available but the brand selection is pretty limited.
  • While menstrual cups can be difficult to find in South Korea, you have some options. There are some online retailers that sell menstrual cups, such as GMarket and iHerb, which sells DivaCup and ships to South Korea, according to this article. Also, here's an an article with instructions/helpful tips on ordering iHerb products from South Korea. Note that menstrual cups are still a new concept to many South Korean women. Finally, some people may choose to purchase menstrual cups abroad (for personal use) and bring them to South Korea. In the East Asian region, there are local sellers of menstrual cups in many countries/territories, such as Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. You can check out this menstrual cup map as a starting point (it's not at all comprehensive but it's a useful reference). For more information on menstrual cups in South Korea, you can read this informative blog post (from 2010, in English) or this blog post (from 2010, in Korean), which went viral.