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This template is intended as a proof of concept, to demonstrate transcluding sections of articles.

To transclude larger sections, it may be more useful to split the section into a daughter page, or some other seperate page/template, then transcluding that where necessary. If you always transclude the same section, i.e. to transclude the body of text without extra boilerplate, then it should be simple to use <onlyinclude>.

However, when there are many smaller sections, it's simpler to mark the sections, and call them by name. For example, if you have a a large article with small numbered sections, marked like

 This is a sample article, with a few sections
 <onlyinclude>{{{sec1|This is the first section}}}</onlyinclude>
 <onlyinclude>{{{sec2|This is the second section}}}</onlyinclude>

Then, you could transclude section 1 with


All text between <onlyinclude> and </onlyinclude> should be marked with a section (or marked somehow) to prevent unconditional transclusion. Of course, it's possible to have multiple <onlyinclude> blocks.