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Mexico City

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Generally speaking, Mexico City has some of the most health care resources and most progressive health policies and resources in the country of Mexico. However, there are still social and economic barriers for many people, depending on their lives and circumstances. You can access many forms of contraception (birth control), including condoms, pills, injectables, shots and IUDs. Emergency contraception (the morning after pill) is available at pharmacies without a prescription, and there are no age restrictions. Regarding abortion, Mexico City was the first place in Mexico to legalize abortion. Additionally, Mexico City was the only place to permit abortion in the country for many years, until the state of Oaxaca decriminalized abortion in 2019.<ref name="oaxaca_abortion">[ 'We have made history': Mexico's Oaxaca state decriminalises abortion]</ref>
==Contraception (Birth Control)==
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